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  • We ask you to send us a full copy of your utility bill, electricity, gas, telecoms or all three if applicable.

  • We establish whether you are in contract

  • If you are in a contract we diarise a reminder and send you a termination letter in enough time to meet the requirements of your supplier so that you avoid going onto highly priced default rates.

  • If you are out of contract, we notify you and obtain your permission to tender the market on your behalf.

  • We send you a letter of authority for you to copy onto your headed paper, sign and send back to us. This gives us permission to obtain information regarding your usage and supply details and makes sure we comply with the data protection act.

  • We tender the suppliers that could potentially provide a service and competitive rates to your premises.

  • We collate the information and present it in a format to enable you to make easy comparisons with all of the potential suppliers who have quoted.
  • We make firm recommendations as to what we consider to be the best course of action.

  • If you wish to proceed with our recommendations, we will send you a contract from your chosen supplier, to be completed and returned to us for submission to the supplier on your behalf.

  • If you choose an alternative supplier rather than one of the PCL Group  we will produce all the necessary paperwork as outlined above.

  • If you choose to remain with your existing supplier and do nothing, we will diarise your next renewal date and proceed as in point 3 above.

  • We will manage your account throughout the contract term and the process then loops back to point number 3 above.

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