Internet and Broadband services

Internet & Broadband Services

We all take internet access for granted. But it is the most critical business tool available and without it most companies would come to a grinding halt. For something that important, it is still an area many businesses spend the least amount of time considering.

Whether delivered over dedicated fibre, SDSL or ADSL the quality and reliability of this service is crucial. That’s why PCL only partner with Tier 1 ISPs for internet services with some of the best SLAs in the business.

Why bother working out a host of different agreements with various suppliers in different locations? Talk to us and we will work out the best solution for your needs and ensure that your internet access provides you with unrivalled service so that sending and receiving e-mail, using web-applications and the availability of your web-site is something you don’t have to spend time considering.

Services are available across the UK and Europe.

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