PCL Telecom Lines and Calls

Lines and Calls

Wholesale Line Rental (WLR)

Wholesale line rental is a product that BT is obliged to provide to other Communications Providers. It enables us to offer both line rental and calls to you over BT's local network. This means that you will not have a contractual relationship with BT and everything will be billed and account managed by us.


Carrier Pre-Select (CPS)

If you choose Carrier Pre-Select and switch to us to take advantage of our competitive pricing, your calls will simply be re-routed along our network and invoiced at our rates. You won’t need to install any new equipment, dial extra digits, mess about with additional equipment or have to reprogramme your telephone system.

Company Name
Morgan Advanced Ceramics

Product/Service Type
Lines and Voice

Length of Relationship
9 years

We have a good working relationship with PCL and have done now for a very long time. They can be relied upon as responsible Account Managers.

They are currently at this moment in time proposing a new Sip Trunk solution to replace our existing TDM system.

I also like and look forward to the box of chocolates I get from PCL every Christmas

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