Managed Storage

Flexible, scalable, high-performance storage capacity either directly with PCL or indirectly via one of our Tier 1 carrier partners.

Benefits and Features


• Get peace of mind: improve data availability and recovery to meet business and regulatory requirements.

• Manage costs: get the right balance of cost and performance by mixing and matching storage options.

• Respond rapidly to change: easily scale storage capacity as your needs increase, without capital investment, capacity planning or hardware refresh.

• Refocus internal resources: release in-house teams from routine tasks by out-tasking storage management.

Key Features

• A range of disk technologies, providing a choice of performance levels.

• Built-in security features, preventing unauthorised access to your data.

• Pre-defined or customised disk configurations that meet your specific requirements.

• Comprehensive reporting that keeps you up to date with current and forecast usage.

• The low-latency network our carrier partners have ensures rapid, reliable access to your data.

Technical Overview

The Managed Storage Service can be used with Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems; and with VMware and MS Hyper V server virtualisation environments. It offers three storage options that you can mix and match to get the right balance of cost and performance for your applications.

• Shared storage delivered from shared disks in a multi-tenant storage array, with a choice of pre-defined disk configurations.

• Shared storage delivered from dedicated disks in a multi-tenant array, with a choice of pre-defined disk configurations and the possibility of disks configured to your special requirements.

• Dedicated storage delivered from a dedicated storage array, configured to meet your requirements.

Dedicated Storage

Dedicated storage is especially suitable if you need to comply with regulatory requirements to store specific types of data on dedicated disks. It also offers extra capabilities such as point-in-time copy and a replication option for remote mirroring.


Connectivity to your storage array is provided via a Fibre Channel (FC) storage area network (SAN) or using secure network attached storage (NAS).

Service Implementation

We install and configure the storage disks in one of our data centres and provide connectivity up to a defined demarcation point. Security features built into the service design prevent third-party access to your data.

Service management and support

We monitor our managed storage service 24/7. We also take responsibility for incident management, problem management, configuration management and capacity management. We work within an ITIL framework to ensure consistent processes and industry best practice.

Managed Data Networks

Embracing convergence by switching to IP for your multi-site communications strategy is one area where you can see real business benefits. An IP VPN frees you to concentrate on providing outstanding customer service and growing your business rather than managing your network infrastructure which can be an expensive and time-consuming business.

If you have multiple sites, sales or technical representatives out in the field, or even home or mobile workers, an IP VPN creates a seamless means by which they can all access your corporate network.

You can also incorporate VoIP into your IP VPN service providing a cost-effective, integrated solution.

Our IP VPN offering gives you a standards-based MPLS service that includes 5 levels of CoS and the ability to provide remote and mobile access for all your employees in a secure and reliable way. The service is monitored 24/7 and support is available should you need it. You can also view the status and bandwidth performance of your network via a secure, on-line portal.

Talk to us and find out about our complete end-to-end managed solution.

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